5 Tips Before You Get Into Bodybuilding

It’s fascinating to see a bodybuilder from prep to competition. Some of us may think that the sport is entirely hard, just by eyeing each muscle that has been repeatedly worked on. We follow their pre-competition posts and see their special diets, how they calculate macros, and the hours they spend in the gym. Yet, bodybuilding is not merely about strength and should be far from deprivation. It requires dedication and mental toughness, nevertheless, glory comes with their incredible physique and more so when they’re on stage competing. This remains the reason why there is a consistent increase in the number of athletes who are very much into the discipline of bodybuilding.

Ken Lizardo, President of Australasian Natural Bodybuilding

We asked some of our bodybuilder friends about their journey and love for the sport. Their tips for beginners might just make you want to learn your first pose. So we’ve cut them down to 5. Here’s what we got:


There are several categories in bodybuilding. A certain category may be more fit and appealing for you, in terms of what you can currently offer the sport. Start by learning which one you would like to begin in first. This would eventually lead you to a better diet and exercise program that’s in line with your chosen category.


We hear bro science a lot and apparently, you should always go beyond that. Advice comes easy in the world of fitness, but one thing might work for them and not for you. Do research and try to enjoy the slow yet accurate process, for better results. 


You would need someone to help you assess your progress. Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable and driven people should help you along during the tough days of the prep.


Part of the beauty of bodybuilding is that there is no age limit. Don’t go for quick-fixes, there are plenty of shows, go for permanence. 


Enjoy the lengthy and difficult journey and consider your overall wellness at all times. Aesthetics will come with your discipline and consider that pace is always different. So stay patient, love what you do, and take care what is important.

There are many ways to gear up for your bodybuilding journey. Gym, good food, and supplements are some of the staples. Bodybuilders are also seen enjoying Heron Athletics. Here’s why:          

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Shout out to our friends JP Yap, Powerbuilder and ISSA Certified Nutritionist (@jpyap) and Ken Lizardo, President of Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Philippines (@kenlizardo) for contributing in this blog.