Angono Weightlifting Team

Coach Richard "Pep" Agosto started his journey with the Philippine National Weightlifting team. Beginning his olympic weightlifting career in 1998 in Bohol, continuing to this day driven by his strong work ethic. Coach Pep finished his tertiary studies under a scholarship program for athletes, enlisting in the Philippine Airforce shortly after his studies.

Richard Agosto

The Angono Weightlifting Team was founded by Pep himself.  He started this mission to coach less fortunate kids in his area while he was still training for the National Weightlifting team.

All of this, to attain the arduous task of attaining his goal for the kids to improve in the sport. An attempt to give a shot at a better life through olympic weightlifting - to be granted a scholarship at university - Pep himself has been a benefactor of this. Now, he wants to pay it forward with the best of his abilities. 

To start with, he purchased an empty property wherein he can have a decent space for the kids to train. Next, he purchased old and used equipment for them to use too. He would eventually build his house on the same property where his gym is. 


It is not a walk in the park, Pep trains the youth daily through a strict regimen. As of the moment Coach Pep has 10 kids under his wing ages 10-18yrs old. Through his guidance, and the unending support of kind hearts, both foreign and domestic, these kids have succeeded in various olympic weightlifting competitions. Now they are closer to attaining their dream.

Angono weightlifting wearing Heron Athletics

Like coach Pep, Heron Athletics see the potential of the youth. To better themselves and one day, make their families proud, and the country.


If you would like to reach out to them, you may send them a message through Coach Pep's Instagram account.