Getting Your Best Self This Off Season

For many, off season may just mean a few months of rest for elite athletes who certainly qualify for the games. For those with a challenged soul and a heart to win, this is the perfect time to get strong and work on their best self for the next round of competitions.

If you’re part of the those who would like to put their names in the qualifiers, we have a few things you would need to know.

We met with owner and coach of LiftHard Athletics, Ken Tan, who not only gets himself to podium, but, he also skillfully works to give you your own piece of medal.

Ken started coaching in 2012 and just after a year, he was already able to prove himself through another person’s winning strength.

Since then, he has put a total of 23 medals to different individuals he has worked with. Before you think it’s that easy to win, here is a little beginner's step by step from him:

Step 1 - Talk to your coach. “He would be able to lay out what your game plan would be for the next couple of months -- which will probably include movement development, working on weaknesses and preparing yourself mentally for the competition”, Ken explains.

Step 2 - Diet, Sleep, and a Lifestyle Haul. These are important aspects of being an athlete. Our coach describes, “We are all unique individuals with unique genetic and physiological factors influencing the way we respond to certain foods.” He suggests to, “Drink water. Eat real food, eat your vegetables and see what works best for you and your body.”

As for sleep, “The most important thing you can do to ensure you are healthy is to sleep 8-10 hours a night.”, he adds.  

Making sure that your body is fed and rested correctly should not only be a thing you do prior to competition. A true win would be is if your medal goals are able to help you do these things regularly and as now part of your actual lifestyle.

Step 3 - Time to train. Now, it’s time to put in the work. Ken shares with us that his athletes train at least 2 hours a day, 5 times a week.

Step 4 - Avoid the injuries. Getting one could bring you back to zero. Ken says that you get them by not understanding how to move and may come from the excitement to do certain movements, even if the body is not yet ready for it. He explains, “I never let my athletes do anything kip without having their strict movement yet or I wouldn’t let them go heavy without nailing the proper mechanics for a squat. I always incorporate bodybuilding movements to isolate the smaller muscles. It helps my athletes strengthen their muscles surrounding the joints and it teaches them how to activate muscles properly.”

These 4 things should be your easy guide.

We at Heron Athletics, also believe that a good gear should keep you motivated and protected. Check out Coach Ken’s choice of knee sleeves and weightlifting belt.

We hope to see you on the next games. Train Fearless.