Heron Athletics Weightlifting Belt

Weightlifting comes along with countless benefits that you may enjoy at any age and at your selected pace. The sport has become a consistent choice of workout for many and a way to express competitiveness for a wide range of men and women. Lifting the weight you desire includes practice, unlocked techniques in form and breathing, and some pain and failures. All though regarded for its welfares, weightlifting may also inflict injuries, if done carelessly or without proper form and method.

Our goal at Heron Athletics is to lessen and prevent all of the cons, so you can finish your lift with stability, flawless skill, minus the injury.

Complementary to our knee sleeves and wrist wraps is Heron Athletics Weightlifting Belt: 7mm thick in 100% Leather.

Resembling standard lifting belts, the width of the back portion is 11cm, but taper to 5cm across the sides and front. This helps maintain high support, but, also provides flexibility and movement. It allows maximum depth in the squat position, without obstruction.

But, do you really need a weightlifting belt?

We’ve narrowed down the pros for you:

For Safety

              Under a heavy load, a belt would decrease your chances of getting an orthopedic injury. It is your perfect support during max attempts on compound lifts. As Valsalva maneuver curates intra-abdominal pressure that cushions and supports your spine during a lift, a weightlifting belt will push back against your abs, to exaggerate the initial pressure, which would create protection for your back and allow you to handle the stress of heavier loads.

Optimized Performance

              Lifting belts can optimize performance on lifts that involve the lower back. Due to its fit and sturdy material, the brace it provides can help you lift heavier, without breaking your form and the speed you desire.

Emphasized Comfort

The support that it gives to your back as you lift ponderous lasts until after you release yourself from the snug support. With the belt’s comfort, you reduce the possibilities of injuries and you instantly go to your increased muscle, your growth in numbers, and your desired lift execution.

Heron Athletics Weightlifting Belt is especially made with an inner back padding for that extra ease. Durably made with a material that is made to last and bound in 3-ply.

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Our weightlifting belt is your next step to Training Fearless.