Holiday Gift Bundles: FOR THE 2018 ATHLETE THAT YOU'LL BE

We wont let you celebrate Christmas without us! This season of gift giving, we have specially bundled your favorite items to make sure that you’re well protected as you approach new goals for 2018!

Get The PERFORMANCE Knee Sleeves + Wrist Wraps for only 2,140!

 Here’s why you need it:

Aside from its minimalist design that could match just basically any workout gear in your closet, it’s a 5MM thick protective gear that helps you through movements that require high agility.

Heron Athletics’ Performance Series is made for athletes in need of more flexibility and speed. Its density gives thermal assistance against muscle pain and sufficient compression, even with fast and high repetitive movements.

Get The ELITE Knee Sleeves + Wrist Wraps for only 2,640!

Here’s why you need it:

It’s made with 100% Neoprene! If you’re into heavy lifting or planning to increase your numbers for the new year, a pair should be inside your gym bag.

We’ve matched the density with a contoured fit to give maximum compression around the muscles. The sleeves allow warmth retention and re-distributes the temperature around the knees for the perfect brace and stability.

Match it with the Wrist Wraps!

Our Wrist Wraps are made from polyester and spandex, composed with elasticity and partnered with length that can provide medium to high support. We’ve designed it with grid lines as guide for an effortless wrap placement. These wrist wraps are intended to stabilize, without the discomfort of restricting blood flow. Available now in three colors: RED, BLUE, and PINK. A must have for protection.

This is a thoughtful gift idea for a friend, a wod partner, or even for yourself, that's practical and functional.

Gear up and #TrainFearless 

Happy Holidays!