The Fittest 2017: Supported by The Elite

The 7MM Elite Knee Sleeves displayed great support for the competing athletes at the recent Fittest 2017, a two-day event that showcases strength, agility, and passion for fitness.

The Fittest 2017 was attended by 240 athletes from around the Philippines, each one qualified in their respective division (Bootcamp, Scaled, Teens, Elite, RX, and Masters). They participated in 6 workouts, with a goal to reach the podium. Supporters loudly cheered for their athletes without resenting the heat, all for fun and love of the sport.

Committed to promoting elite fitness, health, and wellness through CrossFit, The Affiliate Alliance successfully brings the community together, yet again. On its second year, they combined more challenging workouts, like box jump overs at 24” and 20”, overhead squats starting at 55# to 95#, and plate overhead squats at 45# and 25#.  The 7MM Elite Knee Sleeves is the perfect support for these movements.

We’ve spotted the all black compression, thriving with challengers as they go through the workouts. Here are some participants supported by the #EliteSeries:

The 7MM:  Training to Podium Finish

More athletes are choosing the 7mm Elite Knee Sleeves for training. It offers maximum support from its full Neoprene material and it is carefully designed to reach a somatic fit around the knees. With the 7mm density, you get proper warmth and compression, encouraging blood flow, during and after performance. Whether you are aiming to step on the next unfilled podium or just going for a more secured lift, a pair of the 7mms will come in handy with your goals.


To extend our congratulations to The Fittest athletes, each one is entitled to a gift certificate, inserted in your loot bags, for the strength and inspiration you’ve shared to the community.