The Knee Sleeves For You: PERFORMANCE | ELITE

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Attaining fitness has become more accessible for everyone. We now have more choices on gyms, boxes, and studios, offering specialized programs suited for your goals. As we grow into being more competitive and self-aware through exercise, we also expose ourselves to more fatigue and injury.

Heron Athletics is dedicated to the emergent active Filipinos. We believe in creating a better option for you, containing quality and convenience. We’ve released series of support for the knees that would help you in your journey to fitness. The first one, the Elite Series: 7mm Knee Sleeves offer maximum compression and pronounced stabilization for heavy lifters. Following the success of the 7mm, is the release of the Performance Series: 5mm Knee Sleeves to cater both heavy lifters and those who enjoy functional training.


The thickness of your support will matter when training. Choosing what is best to use for your program will increase your performance, lessen your injuries, and even speed up your recovery time. Here are some points to consider:

5MM Performance Knee Sleeves - for all around knee protection

This is the support to match all your sports and activities that require high agility. It protects the knees by providing the right amount of compression, without compromising your flexibility and speed. Its special Neoprene blend makes a more elastic product that can accompany you during your show of endurance.  

5mm Performance is widely enjoyed by those who are into cross-training, circuit training, and functional training or for all around knee and joint protection.  

7MM Elite Knee Sleeves - for precise movements and heavier load

The sleeves are for adequate support and stability when lifting heavier than usual. Made with 100% Neoprene, the support provides warmth and all-out compression to the knees which encourages blood flow during and after your workout. The sleeves allow you to perform precise movements, minus the injuries.

7mm Elite is used by power lifters, Olympic weightlifters, body builders, and those into CrossFit.

Our size guide is available at Fitting the knee sleeves is a great way to determine which is for you. Heron Athletics will be at the 2017 Asia Championships on June 23 to 25, happening at 123 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. This should be a great time to see the sleeves on you. We’ll meet you there!